‘WOMEN POWER’ or ‘WE EMPOWER’- Celebration of International Women's Day, 2024

‘WOMEN POWER’ or ‘WE EMPOWER’ Ventura Pranas makes it a point to celebrate any important day with much fanfare and gaiety, and the many miles that cut across our offices across the globe blend into each other when these celebrations start. March 8, headlined as International Women's Day, became just that: it was a unanimous and concerted celebration for women, by women, and of women, across our branches. Suffice it to say, the topographical demarcations just disappeared, merging the women workforce into one unit. They say a picture speaks a thousand words (and more, if you ask me! )and as can be seen from the lovely images sent to us in Chennai, from our colleagues from across our addresses in Trichy, Bengaluru, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore, we were amazed at the happiness, warmth, and unity that emanated from each image. We take pride in the fact that approximately, 50% of our employees are women. We also firmly believe in the adage that when you employ a woman, you feed and train a family and posterity, and the efficiency factor naturally reaches an all-time high !! March 8th in each branch commenced with special cultural events conducted by women, for women. The amazing factor is that these celebrations and a regular workday went hand in hand. Look below for some superb images, that symbolize women power at Ventura Pranas. I couldn’t help remembering Maya Angelou’s famous words “Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.” –Maya Angelou