POST 2- ON THE 1040 NR

What are some of the scenarios ? There are several scenarios that we come across: 1. People who move to the US on an H1B previously living outside the US 2. People previously on some visa in the US returning mid year to India 3. Students who go to the US on an F1- STEM or Non STEM 4. Clients who apply for a GC under the EB5 and move to the US for the first time. 5. Other applicants under the EB1 , J1, L1 6. B1/B2 visa holders staying in the US for significant periods of time 7. People who have never gone to the US but derive income by virtue of investments in the US – brokerage or ESOPs in a US parent of their Indian/foreign employer If you find yourself in any of the above circumstances then contact us.