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The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter (April – June 2021)

The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter: April – June 2021

India, July, 2021

  1. Announcements
  2. You Ask, We Answer (real estate and tax planning)
  3. Parallel Universes
  4. Our Analysis (Capital Gains, HUF, Wills and Estate Planning)
  5. Silicon India piece
  6. Prabha’s Office Location + appointments

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The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter (January – March 2021)

The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter: January – March 2021

India, May, 2021

  1. Announcements
  2. IRS updates on Individual Tax Returns
  3. Resources you might find useful
  4. You Ask, We Answer
  5. Parallel Universes
  6. 2022 road map for taxes post Biden
  7. Prabha’s Office Location

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The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter (October – December 2020)

The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter: October – December 2020

India, January, 2021

  1. Announcements
  2. Second PPP application
  3. Highlights of the $900 Billion COVID-19 Relief Bill
  4. You Ask, We Answer (QSBS).
  5. Parallel Universes (Theme: QSBS)
  6. Work Opportunities
  7. Prabha’s Office Location

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The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter: July – September 2020

India, December, 2020

  1. Introduction
  2. Wealthy Advisory service
  3. Services we recommend
  4. You Ask, We Answer (FEMA)
  5. Parallel Universes
  6. Upcoming deadlines
  7. Prabha’s office location in the new year

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The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter: April – June 2020

India, October, 2020

  1. What do you need from us during this time?
  2. Notification: Return stimulus payments that you are not eligible for.
  3. Which States to incorporate/ Gross Receipts Tax.
  4. Charitable Contributions Deductions in the US.
  5. Other Filings Related to Foreign Investment (BE Forms)
  6. You Ask We Answer
  7. Parallel Universes Story
  8. Upcoming Deadlines.
  9. Prabha Srinivasan’s office location this month

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The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter: January – March 2020

India, April, 2020

  1. How our paperless brag was put to test: enabling a team of 80 to work from home just hours before the lockdown in India.
  2. Tax Deadline Updates: International Tax Summary Update.
  3. You Ask, We Answer.
  4. Summary of Reliefs for US Tax Payers.
  5. Ventura Pranas acquires Nadadur Vardhan Inc.
  6. Reach out to our director, Prabha Srinivasan, in Los Angeles.

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The Ventura Pranas Quarterly Newsletter: Oct - Dec 2019

India, February, 2020

It took us a while to get this out, but we wanted you to have the best of the budget news, and a themed newsletter all about your green card queries, and how they could affect your finances depending on your source of income, country of residence, etc.

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Ventura Pranas - in 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in India 2019

India, October, 2019

The bilateral trade channel between India and US is one of the largest international business corridors and it has witnessed a substantial increase in the last five years. Indian entrepreneurs are expanding and migrating their operations to the US and other countries world wide. India has recently improved over 23 positions as per World bank in ease of doing business index becoming the top ranked country in South Asia for the first time. The World Bank has recognized India as one of the top improvers for the year.The greatest challenge that the cross-border business owners is to handle the compliance intricacies of two heterogeneous jurisdictions.

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Ventura Pranas: Accounting without Borders

Chennai, March, 2019

Ventura Pranas fades the borders of accounting for its clients in the U.S. and India by constituting a one-stop-shop solution that amalgamates full-fledged accounting services under one roof. Ventura Pranas helps business-owners setup their parent/subsidiary organization in India/U.S. by navigating them through the stringent compliance requirements and advising them on the right markets in the country.

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Rotary club of Madras

Prabha, Honorary Secretary of Rotary club of Madras with the Ladies of Kannankotai Village.

Rotary club of Madras

Prabha with consul general of USA in Chennai his excellency Robert Burgess at Rotary club of Madras.

Rotary District Convention

Prabha addressing the Rotary district convention at a debate on Rotary.

US Consulate, Mumbai

Prabha represented Ventura Pranas at the U S Citizens Townhall organised by the US consulate at their Bandra Kurla Complex office at Mumbai. The meeting was kicked off by his excellency Edgard D. Kagan, the U.S. Consul General in Mumbai and here are a few snapshots of Prabha making a presentation on cross-border taxation which was well attended.

International Women's Day

March 8th, International Women's Day, saw women professionals from many areas being felicitated for doing the balancing act at home and work and donning many hats with ease and expertise. Ladies Special at Ventura Ventura Pranas was quick to acknowledge this and celebrated the special day with the women force with much fanfare. The fun element was apparent when awards for different categories were given to the ladies, such as – ‘The lady with the best smile’ , ‘Dressed to kill' among many other such ones.

Women's Day event at the CA institute

Action ...Lights...Magic with Women Power..... The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Chennai Branch, had organised a similar event at their office at Nungambakkam, where the Chennai women achievers were lauded for bringing about marked breakthroughs in the Chennai professional skyline. On this special occasion of the Women's Day event at the CA institute, Prabha was a panelist for a discussion, the topic being- 'What is the glass ceiling for working women?' All the panelists including Prabha added valuable inputs to the topic on hand.

Roto Youth Olympics

Prabha inaugurating the Roto Youth Olympics with Rotary District Governor.

Holi Celebration

Holi Celebration at Ventura Pranas.

Future Scope (Wealth Management)

Ventura Pranas Accounting, Tax and Bookkeeping Services, Inc. is an accounting company headquartered in Los Angeles California, with operations in Vashon Washington, and Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, India.

FAB 5 (5th Anniversary Celebration)

Our experienced staff of professionals includes Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs), Chartered Accountants (CA-India), and other professional staff in various stages of certification.