India-US-Singapore Cross-Border


With a focus on facilitating cross-border transactions and navigating international business landscapes, Ventura Pranas provides tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients operating in the US, India and Singapore.

Offering strategic advice to clients on tax-efficient structures, investment planning and risk management is a key aspect of Ventura Pranas’ cross-border tax accounting firm's services.

Who is this for?

✓ Founders:

You are a founder setting up an entity that straddles one or more of these countries:

  • Singapore
  • India
  • United States


You are a US, Indian, or Singapore citizen or more than one of these

✓ Looking for tax solutionS:

Looking for the most tax-optimal solution to optimize access to currency given exchange control rules, involving a combination of Cash, Stock, ESOP, and or RSUS

OSTATT Services

  • Optimize clients’ tax positions
  • Ensure that clients are compliant with relevant tax laws and regulations
  • Advise on tax implications of cross-border transactions
  • Advise on Individual tax impact in each country
  • Provide cash flow analysis from sales and post-taxes
  • Plan transfers to optimize access to currency
  • Provide worldwide tax optimization
  • Facilitate Sec 281 certifications
  • Prepare capital gains reports for all stakeholders
  • Comply with buyer withholding obligations in each country
  • Review the SPA and employment contracts
  • Suggest modifications
  • Submit 11UA reports under the Indian income tax rules
  • Ensure FEMA valuations

We don’t just provide a single solution. We enter into a unique partnership with each of our clients, so your solution is efficient, tailored and cost-effective.


  • Estate Planning
  • Trust formation
  • Will writing
  • Memos on residency
  • Sale of Real property/shares Gift/inheritance planning & compliance
  • TRC/Low TDS certifications
  • Form 15 CA and CB repatriation certificate
  • Retirement plans
  • Tax equalization
  • Net worth certificates
  • Tax planning for M&A individuals
  • Tax analysis for shareholders (Pre-IPO, OFS, Post-IPO)
  • State Domiciliation
  • Exit tax/surrendering of GC/Citizenship planning & Implications
  • ESOP/Sweat Equity/ RSU/ISO/Dual taxation/Tax equalization
  • EB-5 consultation & planning
  • Foreign Trust structuring

Keeping pace with evolving international laws and regulations, Ventura Pranas facilitates seamless cross-border transactions in India, US and Singapore.



  • Indian income tax
  • Indian income tax rules
  • FEMA
  • Indian ESOP and Sweat
  • Company Law

✓ USA:

  • Company Law
  • Internal Revenue Code in the US
  • Internal Revenue Regulations
  • Internal Revenue Procedures
  • US ESP and Sweat


  • Singapore ESP and Sweat
  • Singapore Tax

Ventura Pranas also provides the following essential services to its clients across the US, India and Singapore:


  • Ensuring registration and incorporation of businesses
  • Filing necessary paperwork with the State and Federal agencies in the form of annual reporting forms, business status forms, business property statements and city business licenses
  • Supporting the compilation of transfer pricing documentation and certification
  • Compiling tax details for audit and support for the auditors
  • Supporting the records of PAN, TAN and online tax credits
  • Providing tax reports on defined frequencies (monthly, quarterly and annually) to the Parent Company according to their formats
  • Ensuring various corporate arrangements, purchase and sale deeds involving the sale of businesses, and properties – real and tangible personal property




Ventura Pranas offers personalized services to individuals and corporate clients in India.


Ventura Pranas offers personalized services to individuals and corporate clients in India.


Ventura Pranas offers personalized services to individuals and corporate clients in India.


Ventura Pranas offers personalized services to individuals and corporate clients in India.