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Our Trichy Office

I was still giddy from my wonderful trip to LA, where I got to sit with the team there and meet with clients in a more leisurely fashion, so when I flew back to India a couple of weeks ago, in time for a friend’s son’s wedding in Chettinad, I decided to head there the very next day. Having made the trip there and since Trichy was in the vicinity, I drove to our office there to spend the day with the team.

I hadn’t been to the Trichy office since the opening a few months ago, and you get to view everything with a different perspective when you’re dropping in for the day to meet a team that’s already in place and managed by your leadership team. It was so invigorating to see the team there … it made me marvel at this fresh crop of young adults that belong to a new generation of bright and eager minds. Credit goes to my leadership team for constantly making the rounds to this office. At any given point of time there is a leader from the accounting services and tax team there. We’re so fortunate to have this driven group of young talent with great communication skills.

Their stories of how this office and their work has helped them in some way really warmed my heart. For many of the women, their parents have been more open to them working because the office is local and they are making a good living. For young people entering into the job arena for the first time, it’s that first paycheck that makes a big difference to their lives. Living in Trichy, rather than in a metro, means they can live at home and use the paycheck to go towards a bike, or a down-payment for a house for their parents. These conversations just re-affirmed my faith that our decision to open a production office in Trichy was a move in the right direction.