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Passion Survey

Our business is focused on our clients, and we are well aware that this is a service industry. However, internally we’re also aware that we work together, and that coming this far would not have been possible without a dedicated, diligent team. We’ve grown to become a professional family, and it’s important that we help each other achieve our dreams and aspirations.

To this end, we carried out a passion survey – a questionnaire to understand what drives our team, what they feel strongly about, what their ambitions are, and what they believe is holding them back. The questions urge the team-members filling out the survey to introspect and really think about themselves in an honest way as they cover a range: such as what skills they believe come naturally to them, what they would do if money wasn’t a concern, what makes them angry, what is working well for themselves in their lives, and what’s holding them back from making positive changes they would like.

We know that when team-members take time to reflect and write a meaningful responses, they are probably in this with us for the long haul. Anyone working with us, either within the team or as a client, understands that we’ve created a culture of giving our clients top-notch service while also making sure they get to know the team. After all, in a service industry like this where you are advising clients though finances and troublesome notices, personal engagement is critical. When you know who the person is and you have a relationship with them, it makes the journey less arduous.